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tv   Planning Commission 92216  SFGTV  September 26, 2016 12:00am-2:01am PDT

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to the i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner fung commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner johnson commissioner coppel commissioner mondejar welcome and commissioner moore. >> commissioners we do expect commissioner hillis to arrive shortly commissioners, the first item on your agenda is consideration of proposals for continuance items one abc for cases pca and 2012
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pca for the academy of art academy of art university are proposed to november 17, 2016, items 2 abc d e f and g for cases excuse me - at the van ness avenue conditional use authorization case-2211 van ness conditional use authorization and case no. 2007.10 at 1916 octavia street conditional use authorization case pine street conditional use authorization, case 867 sutter street conditional use authorization and case bush
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street conditional use authorization and case 1153 bush street also a conditional use authorization respectfully are all proposed until november 17, 2016, finally commissioners item 3 for case the upper market planning code and zoning map amendment is proposed for continuance to september 29th not november 17th as i just been advised by our legislative analysis no other items proposed for continuance, however, one speaker card. >> (calling names) on the items property for continuance
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zane. >> one second okay. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission i'm zane respecter the academy of art university the academy requested a continuance for the items previously schedule for october 6th to allow the negotiated resolution as you may know the city of academy are engaged in settlement talks the city attorney's office and the academy have related matters in litigation for 60 days you requested a continuance to facilitate those and to finally resolve all the issues the one the academy and the city the academy is grateful for the
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opportunity to have a meeting mooechg be dialogue with the city directly toward a global and appreciated granting the continuance i'd like to submit for the record letters for the academy that had been provided to the academy before the continuance was discussed okay. thank you. >> before calling cynthia gomez. >> good afternoon, commissioners cindy that research nasty just want to make brief remarks for an item for continuance for something the commissioner commission to consider we represent most of you know. >> i'm sorry ms. gomez the
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only issue can be the matter of continuance not the project itself. >> then we'll have to hold your remarks when the item is brought before you i believe is november 17th. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> opening to other public comment. on the items proposed for continuance okay not seeing any, i believe public comment is closed. and director rahaim. >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners just wanted to speak to the question of the proposed continuance by the academy of art we reviewed that request and i wanted to explain why the staff is supporting the continuance at this time we building this will allow sometime for the discussions on a global settlement we firmly believe that a global settlement is the best way to approach this - to settle this long-standing
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issue between the city and academy we want to moor that has public benefit and addresses the policy concerns you've raised none possible on a site to cite visit you - this will allow to look at issues for a public benefit in a broader way i want to make this clear and to the academy representatives we are cautious about continuance in this regard i'm interested in having a series of continuances but only to make sure that we make substantial progress along the way and we will be making a progress report on the settlement with respect to the lawsuit at a closed session with you all on november 3rd and just to be clear there were projects that were proposed for
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october 6th partially noticed we'll be asking you to continue the projects noticed for october 6th also to november 17th as well in light of the discussions we feel we've made progress and that will allow us time for discussions in this case we're supporting the continuance to november. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> powerful to approve all the items 1, 2a. >> second. >> all items as proposed. >> all items as proposed. >> i'll second it. >> thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, there is a motion that has been seconded to continue all matters as proposed and just to clarify item 3 to september 29th commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner coppel
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commissioner mondejar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero commissioners that places us in the consent calendar consent calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 4 case no. 2015 market street conditional use authorization you may recall this was continued from a previous hearing opening up for public comment on the item for proposed for continuance. >> no, this is consent. >> content i'm sorry not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> move to approve
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second. >> thank you commissioner moore commissioner coppel and commissioner mondejar with apologizes i didn't direct you to review this matter he miss it because you were not yet seated and not able to vote on this. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson. >> commissioner moore. >> commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero commissioners that places us under commissioner matters questions or comments. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> yes. i have one question maybe yes or no to the director or director in the settlement were reached will it came back r come back for approval thank you a couple of things drs that are complicate because of the rain and height and one specific on i
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know a analysis for the abbreviated analysis don't call for a 3-d rendering but in the one a 3-d rendering by the time he got to it i'd like to take a look at make sure that on some of the complicated things renderings that's something we can discuss as commission matters session the other one that more than i picked up a paper and thank you brisbane redevelopment i don't know if you saw there are 6.9 million square feet of commercial space and no housing to quote i coupled up my coffee the mayor said will provide brisbane the commercial space but san francisco will provide the housing i think that is
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atrocious. >> okay commissioners, i want to take the opportunity to officially welcome commissioner mondejar to this commission and we know her through other work and other commissioners for having to share our thoughts and experiences with this great city and welcome. >> thank you very much i've worked with many of the commissioners in other areas city government so i'm happy to be here and also bring the recent lens the building inspection that i'm working with planning thank you. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much and welcome sxar very exciting to have 7 full gang up here so just real quick because i was party to the last hearing i don't know if anyone talked about the controller's office
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report on the inclusionary housing this month i sit on the board of spur and a couple of working group members had a presentation it was fascinating i think this is the report that was required as part of prop c the original deadline in the measure was july but they have now issued september and among other finding first of all, the whole thing is backed up by the housing simulation it is fantastic i don't know if the planning department worked with that the controller's office had a consultant but they did a really good analysis an residual land values for the closings requirement not was able to draw the bright line in you increase this level of projects will be feasible for areas that are zip code for
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residential but showing you know showing from a green to red sort of color scheme where you start to have a loss and being able to extract the land value with the inclusionary housing requirement and in addition some i wouldn't say eye opening but impacts we're seeing finding on increasing the inclusionary housing requirements give us more - but a rapid increase in value the remaining market-rate more bmr units but less expensive that was among a few of the findings and recommendations around the density bonus program to look at the density bonus program and it's impacts on housing with
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increasing inclusionary housing requirement and a recommendation to do step up .5 percent per year stepping up to the 2025 level i encourage everyone to read the report those are cue of 8 findings the working group had and informative to the board and the planning commission. >> commissioner moore. >> commissioner johnson reminded me last week about the idea of us attending the market street festival any progress on doing that? >> don't think so at this point we'll try to get. >> just remind me to see is that will be great. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> just one more question piggyback on commissioner johnson i'd like to have the information on that report
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commissioner. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to move on to department matters director's announcements. >> thank you commissioners again i'll my welcome on behalf of to sxoel and commissioner mondejar great to have you thank you for joining us and the work that is coming in advance and we look forward to working with you feel free to call on me or staff and need 101 training we'll get you, you up to speed as as quickly as possible. >> secondly, the 34r579 was very much involved in the controllers study helping to do the modeling and pleased to be part of that piece of work and happy with an informational it effects our work and thirld with
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the brisbane proposal that i received a lot of e-mails and questions from both this building outside of this building on that proposal there's a lot of regional concern about the decision it brisbane made to not include housing on that site i'll say that is my perspective disappointing given other communities are stepping up and there has been a lot of discussion about both within the city and outside of the city on this issue right now i'll keep you informed whether those discussions are further but certainly there's a lot of people that share all the concerns about having the site of that size without housing we'll keep you informed. >> again, thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> director rahaim can you expand that discussion a few
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weeks ago you talked about the city's governance do people have to conform to regional government i'm asking a question about you, fully address at some other point but. >> again not the planned bay area their priority areas part of planned area ass priority areas deal with happen an transit corridors it is because regional governance does not have a legal responsibilities per say no requirement for cities to meet those tarts but i think what we'll do is scheduled and public hearings on the planned bay area and on the kind of legal ramifications, if you will, meeting housing targets.
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>> commissioners item 7 review of past events board of appeals and historic preservation commission. >> good afternoon aaron starr, manager, legislative affairs. for the planning department. >> land use heard the mid block terrace the origin will rezone from rh1 to rhd-1 family detached this commission heard on august 11th and recommended approval at the land use committee significant public comment and most commenters were referencing the neighborhoods are in support of ordinance, however, opposition to the rezoning and those opposed felt this was a down zoning and was taking the city in the wrong direction by not up zoning to rh3 and the zoning change
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excluding the neighborhood from the ada they're not allowed to participate in the adu program, however, their eligible to participant in the program that is more permissive for those of you who don't know supervisor wiener felt this neighborhood should be subject to the city's adu and offered an amendment felt the state program was in effect for thirty years not used and while he initially supported it in the carve outs shouldn't building it should be expanded to neighborhood supervisor yee felt he wants more time to reach out to his constituents and that file be split and one amended supervisor wiener proposed amendment and one not allowed to move forward to the full board supervisor peskin for his part of the that the rhd-1 to the adu program and wanted to show the
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deference to supervisor yee by allowing time to reach out to his constituents and the amendment was made to the full board without recommendation a signal no consensus and allow supervisor yee a walk to reach out to his constituents at the land use committee was interim moratorium on the ground floor between western i'm sorry we went to prevent an office from a ncd after much public comment those who opposed the moratorium it was continued indefinitely and supervisor kim to amend the planning code to allow the housing balance report regarding
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the withdrawal of the protected units as a result of often and the information of the housing balance report the planning department didn't call for the conclude this was brought before the planning commission this year that hearing i adopted the recommendations of approval with modifications the modification included one amending the planning code definition housing balance to have the reference to the loss of unifying and demolition and two amend the dates for publishing the bio annual to april 1st and october 1st every year and to have the annual hearing april 15th of this year. >> after hearing from supervisor kim's office and seeing none from the public with any testimony the land use committee made deducted the amendment to incorporate the two
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commissioners recommend modifications and second to move to provide a positive recommendation to the full board the the department presented to the board a six months report on supervisor kim's interim controls for signage in the transbay they've got a study six months for enhancement and the board of supervisors proposed the interim controls that regulate two features regulate the height and size and the elimination of the proposed existing parks the interim controls are applied for 18 most or until the controls are adopted the department felt 9 interm controls for a factor of error before the housing was encouraged the effective solution for this reason the department believes the interim controls place appropriate law firms to the night life lighting
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the interim controls effectively protect the planned parks and not excess signage the interim controls have provided the shareholders and public trial period to review the controls the department felt the controls are appropriate and should be adopted supervisor kim indicated she intended to make the controls permanent and asked the attorney to prepare an ordinance at the full board the board considered the conditional use authorization for san bruno the project includes the conditional use to demolish a first story residential unit in order to have a 4 story mixed use building the task for staff because it was does the to establish the facts of the access the stir law has turned one 80 since the application was
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filed it was filed in 2014 and the demolition of unauthorized units now the units are to be retained and not prohibit those but - that's what 24 commission did the commission found the rear structure and proved the demo through the - the project sponsor land the rear structure a workshop they find it to be a living spate and an unauthorized unit and the project manager signed off with no unauthorized unit so more conflicting information different facts still the commission provided the rigorous review for the space to be considered a unauthorized unit the challenge was whether the
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property was subject to rent-controlled the commission said it is not rent-controlled and the planning commission are in an awkward position of making the themselves of rent-controlled the rental ordinance only gives us so many control and opine after the investigation requested by the tenant of the property or an owner the board disagreed the rent board said facts have to be presented otherwise for over turning the conditional use authorization and the vote was unanimous there were no introductions. >> that concludes my report. >> thank you. >> and the board of appeals met last night time 5435 ample
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berry heard the discretionary review last november and denied the dr and the permit was approved appealed by the neighbor the main issue the project was initially submitted in 2012 and directing your attention of the review it was revised and reduced in scope and the plans reflect that the plans we issued, however, the building permit, however, the actual written project depiction didn't change they appealed too much confusion what avenue of was built directing your attention of the appeal the boards unanimously denied the appeal but modified the project description so taken action to modify and approved it the other item of interest ma giggle avenue before us the notice of violation and penalty i issued for the the subject property facility this was
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historically used as accessory use for the forest hill association historically for social events and membership meetings based on evidence we had in the last couple of decades 60 events there every year and in 2012, 2013, the association underwent a project of half mental illness for the upgrades of the facility and began to rent it out and keep the people not residents of the absorption became a venue and number of events last year were one and 10 almost double previous we started how investigation last august working with the neighborhoods that came to us with their complaint there 9 entertainment commission trying to resolve the matter the association came up with continents about how the
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users of this institution should - those conditions were not upheld and enforced a zoning administrator hearing on the matter after the hearing the plan there was scrutiny the entertainment commission found violation of the noise ordinance and getting they can't rent to non-members their argument they have historic right to do that the board of appeals unanimously upheld the violation it was actually noting that enforcement can be problematic we did limit it to non-members there still serious question about how the impacts reduce for the neighbors that is really up to the forest hill association to work with the neighborhoods and the board gave a clear message not satisfactory but could go into more limitations of the hours
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whatever it takes to insure that was unanimously upheld and how that will be resolved in the future. >> commissioner vice president richards - i'm sorry. >> good afternoon commissioners tim frye to share a few things from the historic preservation commission the commissioners heard 5 applications for the legacy business the book smith dog area books and gastroapple books the commission heard on application for the group beer garden and cafe hernandez house even if coffee all applications were supported unanimously and will make their way to the small business commission for final deliberations the commission most recent in august have were
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considering a much expanded landmark designation program most of work is supported through a national grant in under represents community grant the majority of properties to be added with or previously identified and most of social and cultural historic context statements adopted the lgbtq context statement the african-american context statement the latino context statement and the filipino context statement they're related to not only social and cultural but the civil rights san francisco's civil rights movement in the 60s and san jose the commission reviewed the list of properties at the prioritized them according and directed staff to reach out to those and prepare those designations the architectural review committee met earlier in the day
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they were reviewed two appropriated sound advise on alterations and replacement in the golden triangle around union square and the other site related to the port parking lot along the waterfront across into pier 29 and provided the advice those projects will come before you in a later date that concludes my presentation. unless you have questions. >> thank you. >> okay commissioner vice president richards. >> i think one thing that mr. starr said is really important really reflect on the policy of this department and commission the square feet the rent board said the structures will be under rented that's proved otherwise we should recommend maybe this commission have a discussion should be the policy we have when we have demolitions
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come forward we're not struggling to figure this out all out clear maybe get a letter from the rent board saying that actually use that in your binders. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to general public comment not to exceed 15 minutes at this time to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. commissioner president fong i do believe we have more than 5 speaker cards. >> see how far we get through them
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(calling names). >> good afternoon. welcome commissioner mondejar i watched the january 21st, 2016, hearing he really am glad we have sfgovtv and recommend you all watch it especially the new commissioner and commissioner johnson who's on maternity leave on january 21st we had there were speakers here and you talked about the n u g a lot of things i forgot at the hearing and i might have too one of the things i forgotten that ms. small put a chart on the 5068d of the matrix with all the guidelines and i couldn't find that in the packet anymore or the two drafts that have been put out so for it would be good
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to see that when you have your information on october 20th. >> the other thing two drafts i hope or would suggest that you put aside or put to the set a little bit the u d g and preceded with the residential design guidelines one reason why can i have the overhead this is - overhead please anyway, there's a whole thing. >> sfgov go to the overhead please. anyway. >> there was a whole thing that permanent commissioner antonini raised that the orientation on buildings in the second draft you had this oh, that's nice but here's the building and better picture on
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okay wood with nice orientation that is what happened to it here we go. >> so i guess my question is you know with the residential design guidelines cover this 25 foot wide lee lot in a rh2 neighborhood so i that would be helpful if we start to proceed with the residential design guidelines thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bruce from the doors improvement club or the h ic joining with a growing number of neighborhood successors to speak for our concerns of the consent of the urban design and the poorly defined certify on the residential design guidelines
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we have a number of areas of concerns i'll focus on one or two the relationship i relationship they need to be clarified we don't believe the residential design guidelines should be subordinate to the urban design guidelines rather that they did rb g should be ominous and as a applied to a southern subset of the city shouldn't override the residential design guidelines or the protection in their structure provided to us today even though those guidelines can be approved we recommend that the u d g a couple of drafts be aside and the public input some months of public input while they're prepared at a compatible level
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of development before they go forward together viewed as subordinate with the general plan and the planning code we don't know if they work together only when they're together then we can see they worker together and we also have concerns the waiver provisions in the draft the offering general guidelines the effectiveness is elbow or potentially - because it lacks transparency and - speaking as a neighbor in a neighborhood that is under continuing intense development pressure that is often out of scale and character with respect to the special use district it is imperative that all the process the guidelines
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is administrative code developed with careful public input and working with the staff on those items thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners and welcome to commissioner coppel and commissioner mondejar i'm anastasia i'm a noah valley resident concerned with the process undertaken by the planning department to renovate, upgrade the residential design guidelines recently the planning department posted a draft of a new set of guidelines the your own guidelines according to their website are over arching guidelines for all design reviews for all san francisco zoning district and
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neighborhoods when we questioned if the u d g applied to all of san francisco we were told the u d g will only be used for new zoning district and downtown areas so which it is it do the urban design guidelines apply to all san francisco or only high-rise downtown areas overhead please. overhead. >> whoops sorry. >> okay we've been told the u d g in our residential design guidelines will be separate and independent from each other r d g will govern the zones and they'll cover the reviews for the rest of the city if this is
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the case the planning department needs to update their website with correct information and the planned update to the residential design guidelines need to be done simultaneously with the development of the u d g so each compliments rather than contributes the other to say pointless a waste of time to consider the current draft of the u d g it reflects no consultation or input from the interested members of the neighborhood group let's include the public in he did revisions considered our you - make it for transparent than development of the u d g. >> thank you
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>> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners kathleen russian hill association thank you to jocelyn and mia and for others giving us an overview they've raised some of the concerns you're aware but to concern the comments the proposed example d g are not presented on the over arching guidelines october 20th is no longer the u d g but a date of a hearing for the commission and 3 extensive outreach to the associations as well as is community are participation is planned and completion of the evolving review process is anticipated in 2017 but no deadline no question we need a clear guideline it is
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complimentary to each other and guidelines rated to areas and their promote and have compatibility with the context we need guidelines will provide the - it's not fair to none to put the planning commission in a position of designing projects after 9:00 p.m. on a theirs evening as you've had to do recently with 60 in a potential historic district and 1465 pacific a low mixed use area new structures will shoot into the century outlined neighborhood and not acceptable compromises but that's what happens under the current system clearly articulated design
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guidelines will provide the planners with the tools to direct the sponsors and hopefully reduce the caseload to that end practical address the proposed u d g and encouragement r d g they need to be designed in parallel the waiver provision must be eliminated where it was put in as a waiver but it is effecting the credibility of the process to - design guidelines are like sausages better not to see them made this is a challenging period but essential the city will move forward thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. courtney.
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>> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners korea admitting on behalf of the three hundred members of the housing action coalition first and foremost welcome to commissioner mondejar and we're going to start spending a lot of time together on a previous item regarding the proposal in brisbane for one of the favorite quotes welcome to the hospital before the babies are born we have thrilled we've been involved in that in - we've attended the meeting and organizing people to community-based down to advocate for housing we're working with real san francisco and allied organizations i'm trying to figure out a way to get people down that and be as sufficient and organizing the online petitions that commissioner coppel and commissioner mondejar i'm sorry you'll become familiar with over time
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(laughter). >> a regional issue we need to work together and san francisco my understanding has been a place we can make the decisions whether or not we want to meet and try to bring people together i think brisbane as the perfect opportunity to start as commissioners or citizens he ask that you, please joan us and try to do us right thank you. >> thank you, mr. smith. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners overhead please in the article 7 ncd capabilities changed subject to the urban design guidelines in the column to the commerce and industry urban design guidelines to be reviewed the urban design guidelines never appeared in the table and text but appears not commercial and the urban design
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element maps and it had in the title felt draft u d g the time text is requested. >> udg both must complies point ground floor residential design guidelines udg the h f p to interface with the urban design guidelines anywhere other acronyms that have the related policy for the projects pca udg making this employ citywide and r d g piecemeal if we haven't had enough of the
12:47 am
alphabet here's the text with the udg includes all the things those guidelines will be incorporated into citywide guidelines and that's from the pdf from january 2016 to you thank you very much. >> good afternoon and i'd like to also welcome two new commissioners my name is paul weber era dwleth to the san francisco neighborhoods and i'm to read from the statement i'm going to be discussing two points article 7 reorganization and urban design guidelines i'll take the urban design guidelines
12:48 am
proposed should be combined to a current consideration with those of commerce and industry ground floor residential guidelines and residential design guidelines and all must give k to the urban design and with the diversity and the architectural character and also must relate to a policy of the prop m their applications must not create silos of design of controls uses and elements as has been mentions already and will be noted in an explanatory article 7 reorganization position current proposals one-size-fits-all as to article 7 reorganization that should be delayed and
12:49 am
substantial recommendation should be eliminated those were not sweet spot to be substantive to the nature and that's can is being done an explanatory letter will talk about this possession port commission and the time i have left i'd like to expand my one swo 50 word statement all the things we ask in your response letter for an explanation of the completely new non-conforming use provision for article was article 7 because it was substantive and frankly didn't understand the response was that they were - it will be hard to a conclusion by a what was withdrawn with the reorganization secondly, finally as to be
12:50 am
guidelines it is unclear whether the proposed guidelines are intended to replace the housing element to the urban design element or in some fashion that should be clarified as early as possible thank you commissioners. >> commissioners good afternoon for the record mary gallagher in july i talked the example that the staff directed a person 3 times not to go to the rear yard but the department led them in another direction i have an example you reviewed a project on russel street the rdt asked the bike well that is offset up through the additional new floors the project didn't do that it matched with the smaller
12:51 am
lightwell the staff said the rdt directed them to match the lightwell both the statements are inaccurate here's the rdt memo directing 9 sponsor to carry the will offset verbatim the staff saying the opposite on september 8th you've heard representatives to hear to remove the process from the those are the - u dot and evidence by russel a host of other projects this happens to contrary to a 3 decade process with an exemption through a do you have after the expensive expensive public commentary the planning commission adopts the design guidelines in a public
12:52 am
forum the planning commission with the public input that should adjudicates otherwise they are meaningful less with the preference of a whim i join with the neighborhood organizations urging you to remove the waiver process if the udg and now jocelyn to return to the practice for applicants requesting exemptions for the guidelines also keep on wondering why the department spent a lot of time having the guidelines state they'll apply everywhere in the city and very specific guidelines in residential districts more gentle guidelines are not necessary and will be confusing for many districts for tested guidelines exist in a specific set of guidelines are
12:53 am
sufficient let's amend this specific guidelines not create a generalized one input into the udg in the early stages instead of the late stage i'm sure that will be redirected to the lirmentd areas of the city without guidelines for the city thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is j r president of the boosters homeowners association he apologize i couldn't anticipate speaking on this project but as if clarification through the progress whereby the residential guidelines i wanted to sdmm to the need of the guidelines in the eastern neighborhoods this is a conversation that we've had with planning as we've experienced the rapid development are particularly
12:54 am
showplace square and feel the conversations have been reflected in the draft document and look forward to continuing this conversation with the 34r579 as those guidelines come forward into implementation so thank you very much appreciate the opportunity. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is silvia johnson. and do this - slowly getting better now i'm going to the burn game at the crown hotel on the 23 tomorrow and i'm going to review some housing and the ones that i had
12:55 am
were stolen from me for medical exam this lady used this was one of my teachers and they had insulted told on my exam tests with that medical health that he was go back to drop out and that was because this editor that had restricted those signed off were doing which insulting and because you know something i had already built before and they stole it from me and all the paperwork for school and wrong for the paperwork to sign up for
12:56 am
- stole and gotten a lawyer he's supposed to be getting those films direction to you to - what all the horrible things i went throw in the hotel where i'm staying this doesn't help my illness and more i had to go through and i'm 48 years seemed like and tired of being and doing my you know duties you know doing that process and building because he got awards open that in which wrongs that a person that owned it in the first place i don't know why we have, of course, he know the
12:57 am
c l had a problem with people trying to build you know and different designs but this is told me what you call prison wards to get those establishes and this is not you know progressing so that's why i'm going to get this car doing - >> your time is up. >> >> next speaker, please. >> sue hester thanks for all the neighborhood people that addressed the guidelines how they should be followed. >> secondly, there are human
12:58 am
rights going on maybe over but going on when i came off here at the board of supervisors that effects the planning department it is specifically about what standards and how their applied when you build high-rises on sandy soil the incidence was mission street and so it became clearing they were listing those comments that issues should be thrashed out in environmental documents don't get thrashed out so but have buildings that start leaning, buildings that are vulnerable to different conditions when their this seismic events and it should be in the eir
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and there's a difference between projects specific eir and area plan or you were doing a one right now on barker it is sandy soil called the central soma plan and once you do that you never going to revisited any of the projects because that's your practice a warning sign to me about area plans doing really dramatic changes in height and use industrial areas that are low rise deep south of market are different from three hundred to 4 hundred high-rises for housing and expensive units
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and so the planning department basically goes through design issues and there's toucher issues with long term safety one of the things i was thinking about was a joint meetibetween planning commission but doing a dramatic change to high-rise on sandy soil can't rely on the people right there and no long term planning people from the department here the engineers were front and center talking to the board of supervisors people should have a landfill map with them all the time i know that south of market you're doing central soma it still bay fill sand, and, secondly, when
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you do a sdroend buildings 3 and 4 hundred feet tall land values change and people say you can't build affordable housing it takes so much land you have work to do and welcome commissioner mondejar you have work to do here and commissioner coppel too. >> good afternoon commissioners depends on resident of the city of san francisco and housing activist first of all, thank you for prop f of approving the projects that add housing to the city we're in an emergency crisis welcome to the new commissioners to the commission appreciate our work your hard work ahead of you let
1:02 am
me get into the facts here this whole notion of not desiring new neighborhoods and preserving the neighborhood character during the emergency housing shortage is an excuse to keep their property values up some of the property owners have taken take advantage and - preventing gentle in fill construction this is driven by selfishness and greed to keep out new neighborhoods during the housing shortage a dangerous presents from rh1 to rhd-1 preventing young families to move in and putting pressures on the bayview and mission when a down zoning is asked for a community that should trigger a
1:03 am
full ceqa and environmental impact report during the housing shortage the sf staff shouldn't make an expectation make the zoning exemption skirting the state law and build with more density to bring down the rents across the city making a one bedroom to 17 hundred instead of $3,500 a month down zoning is dangerous and we're going in the wrong direction thank you, commissioners. >> tom gilberty build build build remind me of drill drill drill lack of communities is what we're building
1:04 am
27 years in south beach apartments i've said before it a market-rate apartment building no rent-controlled is a cavity in a tooth the tooth in this case is the neighborhood that is going into you just can't afford a matter at hand rent in the city in forum a gentleman that was from wrote a book the well tempered city or something of that nature new york city made it a long time 80 percent luxury housing market-rate, 20 percent affordable housing and they've been doing that for years it is a stellar sidewalks then a little bit later on, he said that new york city o new york city has changed from 70 percent market-rate to thirty percent
1:05 am
affordable housing he also mentions the fact it the mayors plan in new york to put 200 thousand affordable housing together is not going to pan out i'm seeing that the ratios in the city have to change a little bit i would like to see to thirty percent market-rate with rent control and 70 percent to the people that be actually living in the city they can be done if it needs to be done if we had a project in the mission that said can you you do this we let it go out to the acres architects around the world have a sustainable equilibrium in the city and have people new in the city and can take care of the people that are
1:06 am
living in our city growing outlined and also let children across the board grow up and be part of city from policemen moving gang to the city and others a new goal you guys are the big dogs here thank you a new direction a new plan that includes as they were saying downstairs you know foundations on sandy bottoms can an expert guarantee a building will not tilt can be built. >> anyone going to give a guarantee on that thank you for your time. >> okay is there any additional public comment? >> general public comment okay not seeing any, general public comment is closed. and commissioner vice president
1:07 am
richards. >> i think i mentioned this on a prior hearing on the residential design guidelines urban design guidelines trying to understand we have the informational table put together match the all the design guidelines how they relate and zoning district and meet be able to move forward with the udg it might be complimentary that would be helpful if we get that on another sheet thanks. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to regular calendar 8 the eastern neighborhoods monitoring informational presentation commissioners before you start i want to introduce you to someone you've not met at the commission pedro joined us in august of last year pedro earned his ph.d
1:08 am
at berkley he worked as a consultant with the interdevelopment bank and reported on public-private governance mold in brazil and argentina and guatemala and worked with economic affordable housing in several california municipalities and also included san francisco he also is a holds a batch in political science and masters in city planning if uc berkley we welcome pedro to the fif uc ber welcome pedro to the rif uc bere welcome pedro to thomif uc berk we welcome pedro to the f uc be we welcome pedro to thwe welcome pedro to the >> good afternoon, commissioners welcome
1:09 am
commissioner mondejar happy i'm not the only first timer in the room you're here with me, i'm here to present a summary of long term reports before i start i'd like to thank the members of the imp to scope out the reports as well as to insure the information in the reports is accurate i also want to thank the members of the public that came to this working meetings where we were working on the reports and provided feedback to the draft. >> so i'd like to start with a brief introduction on the eastern neighborhoods we adopted the four original area plans in 2009 the mission, soma and potrero hill and central waterfront and 2013, the added
1:10 am
western soma they essentially had the plan in the overarching policy goals one to stabilize the art space in the city prominent zoning in the eastern neighborhoods before they plans was m that allowed for a board range of used for residential to the idea of sort of create protected space of pdr and transition to the mixed use areas that is with other uses and then in addition another goal to provide more housing at higher levels of affordability and generate revenues through impact fees to combine with other city funds to meet the needs of new residents and improve the conditions of the structures. >> the ordinance that adopted the plans also required us to
1:11 am
produce those monitoring report so for the first set of reports that came out two years after the plans and 5 years ever 5 years thereafter, this is the second for the eastern neighborhoods and the first set report for the western soma and we as staff in collaboration combine the steldz schedules for all 5 eastern neighborhoods and the policy goals over lapsing and the ordinance also created a advisory committee to provide input and oversight to assistant with the plans and also to assist with the monitoring this is what it is working closely with the staff so the ordinance requires the
1:12 am
track and monitor developments that occurred in the 5 year period and it within the boundaries the eastern neighborhoods so all the development activity which includes development activity that was not enabled there are projects that are entitled prior to the adoption of plan with promotions located in areas where there are additional area plans under discussion with the western soma and the sfo conceiving and potrero hill and so on and additionally conversions of pdr space in the eastern neighborhoods prior to the plans under the n zoning we have legalize over the last 5 years it shows up in the books as a lawsuit of the over the
1:13 am
last 5 years but the conversion happened before and legalized in the last 5 years through a program that sunsetted in 2013 but those numbers are included in the commission we are also required to attract and present on the public benefits that have been put in place if the inclusionary housing requirement higher than the rest of the city job linkage fees, streetscape and recreation and so on we also in the reports have information about other source of revenue that question are combining with the impact fees to fund the public benefits and the agency responsibilities so i'm going to start with the projects that the commercial
1:14 am
activity projects that were completed in the last 5 years and i'll point out some of the highlights in the table there is about a 4 hundred thousand square feet gain over the period this is pretty much attributable to the expansion of san francisco general and there is a conversion of about one million square feet of pdr space that includes ata admission there is a conversion of 63 thousand square feet of pdr that is non-operational print shop one and 94 affordable units and there is a lot of that included in those numbers and so overall we see that aside if the 4 hundred thousand square feet of general only be about 60 thousand square feet net gain of commercial development.
1:15 am
>> in terms of jobs in the eastern neighborhoods over the last 5 years seen substantial increases in employment a lot of that is in office occupations from 26 to 45 thousand retail jobs increased from 1625 thousand and even saw an uptick in pdr jobs one thousand pdr jobs it is interesting we've seen this growth happening when we have not had much commercial square footage and in fact, lost pdr space this is because the reports happened during the financial crisis so loss of this it be making space but probable an indemnification of square
1:16 am
footage so this is the explanation of the jobs and so - >> as for the pipeline we see essentially and continuation of the track over the last 5 years about a gain of 5 million square feet in office space but 4 million is under review that have not been entitled by the commission entitled projects not broken ground included in the pipeline and then of the office space that i described the 5 hundred million square feet is on the pier 70 development so i wanted to point out that. >> and we see a continuation of the pdr losses one million square feet loss but one million in projects under
1:17 am
revenue the commission has a substantial authority. >> residential development during this period we see - saw the addition of close to 14 hundred units between noah valley and 2015, 21 percent were affordable there were only two projects 100 percent affordable this is 70 units so the bulk of the affordable units we added are part of housing projects and if you roach the 100 percent affordable units from the total and a long time the inclusionary housing units 17 percent added of the total units were affordable and higher than the city requirements you know since change but at the time that was 12 percent. >> in some neighborhoods lake the mission the amount was lower
1:18 am
we had 11 percent of the units were affordable but the reason for that because some projects choose to - the total millennium are selected for the report. >> here are a couple of examples of projects we've added one in mission i mentioned operational print shop got xhertdz to residential units and the one at the bottom is an sro project the residential pipeline as of 2015 some of that might have shifted because the approved projects and some break ground we see less than 4 thousand units 4200 are entitle
1:19 am
some are under review of projects currently under construction 12 percent of the unions burglary be affordable but a significant amount of projects are paying in lui fees and example for example, 72 hours is building 6 hundred plus no affordable units although their dedicating a parcel we can generate roughly one hundred and 50 affordable units you can see by neighborhoods the distribution projects i'll appoint a couple 19 hundred units in the mission of which only 4 hundred are entitled and 15 hundred are still under review 26 units in the central waterfront a lot is in the development
1:20 am
and then the showplace square 45 units that includes potrero and the sf units so this table i've want to explain to you those are the projects that are actually entitled are under review pursuant to the eastern neighborhoods plan this is a table if you're interested in the numbers that exclude all the elements yet only eirs are part of plan that is a table with those numbers if you have questions about anything. >> as i mentioned the plan plans included impact fee fee and the packaged public benefits we have collected roughly 50
1:21 am
mental illness as far of which most will be spent in the recreation and transportation projects the bifblg that was collected as far if eastern soma and the waterfront because that's where the development is happened and the money is the funded fulsome street we'll be completing this year and potrero and childcare in the waterfront that is 714 a complete list of major infrastructure projects that received the funding dedicating park open i think in the next few weeks. >> the south park they're in various design and environmental
1:22 am
review and review this the distribution across the eastern neighborhoods fairly evenly distributed but a lot of them are still under design or phase or review and we'll see them completed in the next few years with that, i want to thank you can you put it back there thank you. >> we split up this work and feel it staff has taken an individual reports i oversaw the report and wrote the executive summary in i have questions again any of the reports contact us then i also want to invite a member of the - the cac wrote a letter addressing some of the policy issues that they've
1:23 am
encountered in the eastern neighborhoods based on the plans and in addition to the reports - thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon and thank you pedro i'm a member of the cac appointed by supervisor cowen and wanted to thank you phenomenon on behalf of the entire cac he trust you've read the letter we've submitted and the executive summary and 4 hundred plus pages of the report we will - >> we will. >> i appreciate it. >> today, i wanted to also commend matt schmidt and pedro and all the staff to give them a shout out and give them a nice word today what i really want to do is
1:24 am
provide context and thoughts about what worked and not worked as well as suggestions on the feature necessary steps in the eastern neighborhoods and briefly cover 4 topics with you today number one pdr while land was allocated for pdr we're concerned the pdrs and mixed use districts which characters our unique neighborhoods are displaced waubt a clear means to maintain the mixed use and not just the residential development on housing any casual observer can see the "x" police have work in the neighborhood and some affordable housing has been created we don't believe the levels are sufficient to promote the diverse neighborhoods month critically, of course, the new extra is not keeping pace with
1:25 am
the robust developments we've seen so we will urge you and the city leadership to invest sirth and quickly in more transit and more and more infrastructure to max match this case of rapid development and with several potential large-scale projects in the per diem namely the warriors 337 and pier 70 and others those issues are only going to worsen fourth and furthermore we've not seen the improvements to existing open space nor the creation of new promised open space equivalent to four acres to meet the needs of that rapidly growing population in our eastern neighborhoods so we believe those issues are critically important and must be addressed comprehensively whole lee and quickly to assure the
1:26 am
complete and activated neighborhoods again, that's my remarks and thank you on behalf of the entire cac we appreciate it thank you very much. >> we will get you copies of the letter. >> okay. great open up for public comment. >> and there's one speaker card mike. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is mark you address my remarks as san franciscans we liken our neighborhoods that speaking through that you have the power those commissioners don't stand up to developers and give the developers as much as they can for their get rich schemes we are excluded if the mission and kresz daily didn't have anyone to talk for us and spur was the only folks at the table and nonprofits were there for
1:27 am
everyone else residents were out of the pictures we're the ones it take the hits who benefits and who pays commissioner commissions you passed - what in the transit been a 55 line for the mission bay and red are sxarptd treatment for folks that commute through our neighborhoods and took away the bus stops to benefit the commuters and one of the folks the tweakiest and is benefits to the strong itself they brought the condo dwellers that opted out they are taking the rooirldz and was that included that bring burdens to our communities uber drivers are nightmares for the people that brought in more cars and none it doing anything
1:28 am
the houses are - serving none but transit you've created a mix affordable housing percentages are way to low for the burdens and luxury condos are driving up prices and circling displacement in the myth of this the nonprofits prop c the inclusion are up by 25 percent at the height of the boom and he seeing low prices took a periphery to go to hud and say put san franciscans first in the affordable housing what's going on you're the ones supposed to be representing us how much e how many san franciscans are not qualifying we're talking about displacement with no mission whatsoever no amount of market-rate housing given the amount out of products over the seven years and the prices rising 7 percent every year will
1:29 am
not happen in lui of the discharge my warnings for san franciscans unless you organize those people will be in the the exact same they know y where do we go to get our neighbors it is like people are being reformed by folks with no connection to the communities and taken a vibrant mission district and given it out - >> good afternoon tim colen, san francisco housing action coalition. and first a congratulations kudos to commissioners commissioner mondejar and commissioner coppel welcome to the fun train and first on the last item i wanted to commend mr. patterson petersen we've been trying to track my purpose to go to the
1:30 am
conversation that is evolving around the eastern neighborhoods that somehow what is happening was never contemplated not part of what was imagined in the planning that went into a produce the eastern neighborhoods ambulance you should recall the eastern neighborhoods plan was the product of more than 10 years of hundreds of communities meetings and public hearings we're into the eastern neighborhoods plan less time then in existence and question will do well to recall when this was pass the economy went into the toilet importing and exporting nothing was built nothing going on and we're starting to see it my purpose in speaking to say we reject the argument that somehow this was in favor imagined somehow out of the blue that was streerdz the planning data back up this is
1:31 am
the plan and my ask to you would be we'll look to you to stand for the integrity of the eastern neighborhoods plan we followed to all the way through and augsd typed it should have computerized more housing and 20/20 hindsight we accepted the compromises to deliver that plan and we will say we should live with that and follow to throw and monitored it as planning is doing and sustain to monitor it. >> on the question of pdrs we don't have much expertise one of the not able pieces the uber project an innovative model like the inclusionary model applied to pdrs i'll encourage you to look at where it can be replicated and fast on the question of housing this will
1:32 am
not be the mind to say guaranteeing some people are upset understoodly by this is not the time to say let's slow down housing production because people are seeing a lot of change role one to the city we don't continue to produce housing at a greater pace and figure out ways to find more subsidies to make it more affordable but ask you to stand for the integrity of the eastern neighborhoods plan thank you. >> hello, again commissioners and to the new commissioners jay president of the boosters i want to thank the planning department for the report i of course, that is a time consuming process and commends the eastern neighborhoods advisory committee for their letter in response to
1:33 am
the monitoring report the agreeing has skews in the areas which improvement is needed i'd like to reiterate they apply to the infrastructure on potrero hill and showplace square and the waterfront they've yet to provide a means we struggle to achieve the mix in mixed use zoning by failing to have the frontage - stoops instead of the rienl and the retail space has made it difficult for the small businesses to set up shop so much of the community time working with the developers is for active ground floor not simply the use that leaves us incomplete where we're talking
1:34 am
about projects - rich neighborhoods and instead of a neighborhood wide process and this is because there is an accurate funding of neighborhood impacts the monitors says the impact fees are three percent of the impact we'll be digging ourselves into a digger hole and while he understand a need to play catch up on the projects as much as the 16 street connection infrastructure is mediating the plan that is lacked you've been hearing this our - what's different i think two things first, the scale of the non-eastern neighborhoods plan eir projects in the area pier 70 and potrero plans are large enough to give us the opportunity to review the whole rather than the separate parts we have time, and, secondly,
1:35 am
some more we run into the building capacity not completing data that may reflect 2015 and the data compliance by the particulars will be litigate and whether it was six months ago or six months ahead we'll need the planning to lead this in completing the neighborhoods we were promised a decade ago and providing and sustainable cap we're not arguing against the extra we want to talk about the caps thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm alison talking about the - first thank members of the cac and planning department staff for an inclusive process that welcomes
1:36 am
the community members to want tangle neighborhood activists are comparing this to climatic change i think that is an met for those of us live and work in the neighborhoods hear the instant denials since the plan failed in the mission and other areas little impacts of gentrification and displacement what we're told despite the evidence to the contrary building more luxury housing will not solve the problem in castro and showplace square we were told we live in a transit rich area with the increasing traffic and gridlock to provide us transit options open space we were promised 4 acres of new space given less than one we have rezoning to discourage the retail pdr and incremental
1:37 am
space with resident development to have the industrial land as relatively inexpensive it will provide a place for developers to provide affordable housing we look forward to walkable neighborhoods instead on potrero hill we're slammed with development maximize missing the profits for developers with minimum levels of affordable housing our neighborhood he retailers and small businesses begin to leave with jobs for citizens more residents are force into their cars i've handed you residential numbers with all the evidence you need to see we've exceeded the levels approved in 2008, showplace square and central waterfront with merced lake out yet the current levels
1:38 am
of development are anticipated a disturbing practice here with the planning granting the exemptions to project after project that have an updated eir without the necessity analysis of the impacts of over development in fact, you will have two of the projects in front of you later daytime to stop denying and start to address the problems before the neighborhoods are destroyed i'm encouraged by the n cac strategies and know our communities have a lot more to say what is happening often the ground and what needs to be done please let's get to work on this now thank you. >> hi i'm sori'm rick hall li in the mission and commissioners, i often speak on
1:39 am
the impacts that are happening there. >> i'm going to just speak if something i wrote the other day was input into the cac letter. >> have not gotten it might not make sense hang onto this this is augmentation first thank you to the cac and planning for the engagement of the community in this process it was axiliary and especially thanks to matt and chris and pedro for the involvement of those who wanted to be part of the progress. >> so i do believe that reviewing the eastern neighborhoods plan monitoring report will show you a lot of the failings of the eastern neighborhoods plan and i know in
1:40 am
my view those have been primary socio economic impacts that is not generally considered by eirs, etc. so at some point i recommend that a socioeconomic criteria be added to the entitlement process to make sure the impacts of any given project get full mitigation you know we are seeing an unmitigated disaster happening on the eir mitigation themselves i actually think they should be revisited you know look at the unmitigated impacts with that were accepted and now that we're starting to see them on the ground we need to understand are those impacts reilly acceptable because they don't feel like to me.
1:41 am
>> and on those were we have mitigations like the transit mitigations i think we have to recognize they're not working so that timing and environmental protectional agency's is a big thing and certainly you guys will see that but i certainly recommend that all of those new area plans coming out you guys are a have a chance to review puts in the timing so they don't see the failures in the eastern neighborhoods and lastly the mission needs emergency protection right now every sense february had will take a while for policy to get sorted out and changed and the mission needs the help right now. >> thank you. >> a good evening my name is
1:42 am
silvia johnson. and we have already examined those what they call waiver who must not to waive those entire parts that they've been - >> what kind of progress is this under staff this is needs to be rewritten and different than to the policies those over and over and over again which we have already discussed last night will those reover doers have been written and policies we would amount to they're kind of dwishsz those
1:43 am
were the insult has been with everything we have done they call that a waiver it needs to be rewrote over again on their - as all that been that no one else i remember this is really one of the processes that needs it looking at very much and i also those plans i do you know put on as far as doing policies you know to regain a lot of you know frustrations that trying to undo is adequate which all they put in school
1:44 am
this school it he got is what you call a school that has already enrolled you know exercise with the commission of that policies had been made which he wanted to talk with the coach about they didn't know this. >> you know with our save policies that we have not been rude under a lot of our - >> this has not this sickness has not helped me but helped me to think of a better policy rewrite and express and our all world like conferences to - we
1:45 am
need. >> in our you know - i tried to talk with the supervisors about this but always been their school of policy i'll hear and never made any sense because it was really supposed to you put in process this job they asked employee to do for issues safety in the world not easy and to be make with this because this is the devil things they don't you know quit which they
1:46 am
haven't tried, of course, they probable don't know this for the policies you know which might be one of the ways that - >> all right. your time is up. >> >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is g i'm here with friends of jackson park and like to start up by thanking pedro and matt and others for including the draft report that is important we were included for that so for the new commissioners for those of you who don't know friends of the jackson park is addressing the immediate needs
1:47 am
of satisfying the negotiable opinion in the neighborhoods it is the improved development in castro hill and showplace square in open space it is more precious in the eastern neighborhoods plan our area potrero hill open space a analysis revaefldz 4 acres of new space thereby provided we've not come close to creating the open space only a little bit less than one acre and that site will be shadowed for several months a year we're asking you to please keep in mind and bring up the infrastructure needs that keeps pace with the hoosiers that is going on there since you've approving new development help us what clean open space in our neighborhoods thank you.
1:48 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners i'm shawna homeowners since 199 of a member of the hills responsible and the homeowners association on behalf of the residents i want to share our totals frustration with your commission by a lack of good go stewardship to protect our quality of life the exhibits overwhelming bias towards aggressive over development with the developers that has ruled in a total on slough of slefrt over development of luxury priced high density apartments building with in conjunction with usf and the city approved stadium is no
1:49 am
a permanent cumulative negative impact to potrero hill as much as all day traffic gridlock on the local streets come by any time the 280 you can't get on and off we have deteriorating muni levels that can't accommodate the residents, and we have new residents in buildings without parking that are wavering around you are streets for spaces 5 or 6 clock in the morning fighting for parking the eastern neighborhoods benefits we were part of the conversation such open space and recreation and transportation improvement but none are delivered today, we're talking about maybe we'll get some of the things where it the money while we're get into the weeds or going forward and
1:50 am
building higher buildings the eastern neighborhoods in my opinion is obsolete based on projectiles has nothing to do with where we are at today, i urge the commission to pay attention to the neighborhoods and the outcomes that are happening right now it is time for the commission to seriously order a time out to halt all future projects around unsuccessfully until the cumulative impacts go they have rapidly deteriorated our neighborhood thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners and welcome new commissioners my name is peter today i'll be speaking on the united states community development team a few comments what we're seeing here
1:51 am
i think in all honestly disappointed in the report i think the cac but the main report quite captures the numbers and impacts and maybe that's limited in its ability to capture that we're not seeing what we thought we'll see and see what we can do about it the idea hey it is 8 years old and have to pend time we have the temptation in many areas of leave by something not are working out with the vulnerable you community members time to look at what we intends to do about this at this point. >> i think this didn't actually necessarily mean there were any significant problems with the plan at the time but it was simply not amended highly amended most of us didn't anticipate what was is going to
1:52 am
happen and significant adjustments are needed i'll say that we're looking at another project another major project with the latino cultural district that will have serious impacts on the community and before to keep the residents are in place i think projects like that should be held while protection are put in place that is critical at this point, i thank director rahaim and his staff continuing to meet with you guess to look at the opportunities available for us we think that moving on an immediate policy measures including protections is what we need to do at this time and in the meanwhile see these promotions especially those huge projects wait in their ace development coming back o coming to mission street in 2 and a half blocks will bring one
1:53 am
thousand wealthy people to the 2 and a half plain clothes of the working neighborhood without the provisions in place the planning department is looking what we can do about those things i don't know what will frvent that from happening down valencia street it can happen quickly to the mission this is the core of the community we feel protection are needed before that kind of they know happens thank you. >> sue hester this is really a 20-year process it started in 95 and there were 5 thousand units of market-rate housing not one affordable housing built in the industrial area south of market and mission and potrero hill and
1:54 am
dog patch 5 thousand units one for one parking there were called their market-rate housing and they exist right now reaction to that was the eastern neighborhoods planning process and reaction to that eventually became the eastern neighborhoods plan you have the opportunity to get some feedback and feedback is not the damn charts you have that tell only a bet of what is happening what is happening is the displacement of working-class and poor people in those areas which have traditionally been within of the major resources for ellis acted and middle-income housing and jobs you should be reporting back to
1:55 am
the board of supervisors and yourselves that things have to change assumes made between 2000 and 2008 when the planning practice was going on are extremely deft than what was happening now we're building a lot of affordable housing for san mateo and santa clara the busses for the commutes we see them in our neighborhoods and the reaction from the hawk to just build build build is not real the building department says we cannot deal with the socioeconomic issue not beyond the scope of eir so the eir will grind on to repeal all the reasonable housing projects you should be saying wait a minute
1:56 am
something to wrong here j r challenged you by saying you need to look at the whole not the separate individual things right now the transit system is a farce the basic assumption which part of eastern neighborhoods plan is these great industrial swaths of land with no real transit system zoned for housing we're assuming at the time of trial was will not be for the people but added transit has not been adam potrero hill is client is out back the in is not happening
1:57 am
thank you. >> tom gilberty housing times change my billing changes our clothing changed housing needs to be tailored to our the time in 2008, they were talking about the original eastern neighborhoods plan talking about infrastructure and transportation transportation wise the new light rail is losing seats so you can more people can stand this is again, because of the pressure on putting people and not burger to catch up on the fatalities people need a couple of years ago on the radio rose
1:58 am
kept mentioning for every hundred units of luxury housing need 29 units to serve those people one units due to large and 29 to handle them it looks like we're going is that way with the central transportation in tailoring our neighborhoods what we have the people that live in our city graduated seniors that are running out of a building and their resources veterans that have a little bit of issues, a mentally challenged other than the streets the homeless on the streets the eastern neighborhoods plan are taking away places that the homeless lived this is their backyard i say 20 percent to the bottom of the people that are living of all housing in every units a project we're building 20 percent go down for those people and 20 percent not into
1:59 am
affordable housing but dedicated housing for police and fire and nurses and teachers, muni drivers we want to maintain a web of he will limb and sustainability in the city the tenderloin, chinatown those people needs 20 percent of those people that are long term residents seniors and long term residents that can move into the new housing we want to brierld the gentrification of 80 percent of market-rate housing you can make the people that live in this city part of the new housing are formuformula thank
2:00 am
>> honorable commission i'll dan murphy on the eastern neighborhoods cac i've been for most of past seven years i kind of represented the develops the constituency and the cac he wanted to say a few words today just going back to the over arching goals of eastern neighborhoods plan and if in our staff report the first goal to insure stable future for the use in the city and from my point of view what the folks have from a policy perspective so preserve the lands for pdr use and existing buildings as well yet the plan may have lacked a tool to actually create you know ground up pdr in the city the one


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